Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What about the time line

What about the time line...yeah...the timeline and the name of rulers about the Roman empire was already making my head I left out a lot of rulers..but if you are interested in reading about my just reminds me of modern day society and how we behave as a people.. we just fighting for power...and it does not matter who we hurt. I learnt positive things from the history of Rome...once upon a time there was a positive set of people who built a vast empire...that was also taught me.."Never give up on your dreams". All these multiple rulers overtime..did not give up on their dreams...whether it was for good or bad..they believed that they could conquer Rome...and they did. Even the barbarians believed that they could take control..the point is...they believed in themselves. Maybe I am sending a double message. The point is, believe in yourself that you can do great things...but unlike the it in a positive way and not be barbaric. Don't step on people's foot in the process...make a clean, positive mark.

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