Saturday, November 24, 2012

Homer, Singer Philosopher, Story Teller

Homer...singer, philosopher, story teller: I just love Homer. In this life-time civilization....he reminds me of Bob Marley...When Bob started to sing in Trench Town, Jamaica, West Indies, I was a little girl. I saw him on the streets hanging out when I was about 12 yrs old.  He was just up and coming then. But before he became a hit...people laughed at him and told him:"Why don't you try fishing instead." school, they used to tell me that also. But to get right back to Homer the Singer his civilization...he sang his heart out creating the "Illiad" and the "Odessey"...yeah folks..its a story about Troy...but nobody believed him...He died and he and his poetry was soon forgotten...that was until some German Guy called Schielman, an archielogist went digging and found the forgotten city "Troy". There were about 7 civilization of Trojan Dinasty piled up one on top of the other. Spielman only got to the third civilization...the one he thought that Homer lived in. The sad thing about Homer...was that there is no history on this is very sad. It makes you think that you should believe in yourself....even if no one believes in you....way to go inspire me....alot.

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