Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rome Cont...2

As for women...we did not even have a pot to piss in, we were not allowed to vote.  But to get right back to the argument. Overtime Rome became a vast empire. Rome was so big, it  became something like a pop culture....If you do like the Romans were considered a part of Rome in any part of tart  of the world. But then the church became very rich and powerful...there were many people who wanted to be rulers...and so Rome since  753 BC went through many that time...yes war would get you to be the ruler if you defeat the current ruler. You had Octavian who called himself "first citizen" instead of emperor or king. He made some changes. Then Constantine, the 1st christian ruled and made Constantinople the capital of Rome...every ruler was making their mark. Then Diocletan,  he split the empire that was Rome. things spiralled since then....and the barbarians and the pirates  invaded was became a real much that tax collectors had to be guarded by military escort...cont..

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