Monday, December 24, 2012

Remember that as long as you have health and is the most important thing to feel happy and joyous abut this holiday season...And also remember there is no compromise. " Happy Holiday one and All" -- Tiny Tim

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winner of my free book

Hi friends...will announce the winner for my free book...soon: However, I will run the extension to the middle of Jan so others may have a chance to win a free book as well. All you have to do is read the review and click on the like button -- Good luck!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I feel whitty!

(Singing): "I feel whitty...I feel whitty...I feel whitty and pretty and free.." I don't know if that is the exact words...but this is how I feel right about now.. Listen,  you have create a beautiful moment for begins within your mind...then it will shine throughout your whole body...I believe in the whole carma thing.."The good you do it will follow you... or "The bad you do will follow you" could go either way. I prefer the first one..that is why I try to do good so that it can follow me. Have a wonderful day for the rest of your life...Happy Holidays!

Christmas Studio Party To Nite!

Yeah..going to a Christmas Studio party To Queens.. I will be singing Jamaican Christmas friend Loraine will be singing as well..should be lots of fun. Different Bands and their members will also be making their mark as well..I can't wiat -- Yippie! I will be a Misses Claus

"Lincoln Nominated for Academy Award -- Yippie I was saying from the get-go.."Lincoln" definately, definately will get multiple Academy Awards...give me few seconds of a movie and I can tell you its fate...been doing that as a child..never knew what it was until..I became an adult I realize that I have that gift to spot a "stellar moment"..was scary at first...but now I am a writer..I hope stellar performances in my characters will spill out into my novels  -- to become a best sellar writer some day. "Find out who you are -- do it on purpose" Dolly Parton

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Democracy Project 6yr old niece was playing the "Democracy Project"  game on PBS Kids...the heading: "What is government and what role does it play in out lives? Why do we need governent? I think I need to  be playing that game...I am sure that I will learn something...The point is, the kids for the next generation is getting ready to take charge...they are certainly watching to see how this generation handles issues. They will make the "wrong" "right".

Byonce is not dumb - take a hike Wendy Williams

Excerpt from Byonce's Biography:  
Within the past 12 years...a lot of us including myself have gone to college to get an education...we have not made a career  like Byonce did. Some doctors, teachers, nurses are struggling from pay check to paycheck. Yet a person with a 5th grade edu (if she has)sells million of records and is business savvy...take a hike Wendy are just trashing Byonce to give credit to your own career....point will never measure up to her standard. 

Byonce is not dumb

Byonce is beautiful, smart and successful...even if Wendy Williams thinks she is dumb. Bob Marley, Warren Beaty may seem like they have a 5th grade edu..but some people shine in diffrent spots of their minds...they may not be great conversationalist...but as you can see...their business creativity rocks the world...As for Wendy...I would rather speak dumb and have a creative mind..and be successful at what I do...than look you've got a lot of tetosterone in your body....and it makes you who you are...but different things to different people. Yippie to've got it going on.

Byonce is not dumb

Wendy Williams says that Byonce is dumb and she might have a 5th grade education. Well, so what if she has a 5th grade education. The world knows that she has an entrapreneur mind...she creates business opportunities and is successful at it. She helped to make her group successful with her creative mind. Cont..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scandal cont...

Scandal:   I usually watch "Scandal" over and over again...but I don't know if I can re-watch this series...12/6/12....because of the way it ended. The whole episode was a beauty to watch...going down memory land...I was just beginning to enjoy my icecream. But at the end I just began to throw one point..I thought I had a seizure...I never had a seizure before...I still say: "Call the doctor".


@Scandal@Kerry Washington..Scandal: Wow...I was just beginning to enjoy the full episode of Scandal...until they revealed Huck as the's been one hour almost..and I am still delarious, shaking....I forget where I put my medication...oh I forgot...I am not on medication.....someone please call the doctor!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012