Thursday, November 15, 2012

Government should use their Psychology

We were all born with an inert ability to use our psychology -- I am very surprised at Mayor Bloomberg in asking President Obama to wait for the city to clean up "Sandy" before he appears to the weather beaten site..why? because he said that the soldiers are needed elsewhere...well that is the most assanigne idea I have ever heard. People in dire straights right now...would rather see the President in their ridden beaten area right now than wait a few more months when they have finally reached the end of their rope....things will not even be cleared up altogether.  BUT having a word from the President gives them hope to hold on. It gives them hope to know  that they are not forgotten and they  "Sandy Victims" are hopeful that he will get the proper authority and monetary basis to get them back on track. It makes people think that he definately KNOWS  THAT THEY ARE ALIVE AND SUFFERING AND HE IS SUFFERING WITH THEM...JUST BY REACHING OUT TO THEM. The pain in the President's face was most sincere...the people will take that picturesque  historical  moment and hold on to see "The light at the end of the tunnel"....they will definately know that that "Light at the end of the tunnel" not a passing train.

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