Thursday, September 12, 2013

Food for Thought

TAXI - Independent A&:R:Find out what sparks your interest and make you tic. In my email...TAXI is always looking for song writers..when they ask I get down and write a song..I have also created my own music to my songs. They are always looking for 100% copywright..that in itself motivates me to write my own song and create my own music, even if they never choose me. The songs are mine..all mine. Search for the people who will make a difference in your life...keep the negatives ones at a distance...but also use them as a tool to uplift your motivational spirits. Go out and do something positive when negative thinkers think you can't...they too, are motivation in your life..give them some credit for their insults and snares...reward them with a smile -- Have a nice day:-)

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