Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are Whales our friends?

By Dorrett Saffold: I was just watching some videos on Oprah's Own. About amazing animals and human interactions. Just want to share this with you:ARE WHALES OUR FRIENDS? A few days ago Captain Grissom of the NASA Space flight was accidentally ejected into the Mid Atlantic Ocean. Thank God he was alive and well. He was surrounded by a couple of Whales. Mhmm. Scientists have always been rescuing trapped and injured whales setting them on track again. When they do that I always felt that the whales will remember the kindness that humans have done for them. As a child and being a very good swimmer, I was always told that whales always remember things that you do to them; Good or evil. Remember Orcha the whale in the true story "Moby Dick" "Mhhmm. When Captain Grissom hit the water there were at least three whales that surrounded him. If whales are around...a SHARK would never, ever try to be present. Sharks are afraid of Whales and Dolphin. At least that's what I was told as a child. They would play with them until they are drowned. As a child I, along with my friends used to swim out into the ocean with the help of a piece of log. 4 or 5 of us would be hanging on to a log out in the ocean or close to a passing ship. Yes...that far away. The feeling always is a peaceful and calming effect. Sometimes I would venture out alone on my own on a log or tube without a life vest. We never used a vest. Well a tube maybe. To this day I often wondered how I was not eaten by a shark already...but thank God for that. Would I do that again? Never, not since Jaws. But to get back to the story. The whales were there to protect Captain Grissom. They surrounded him but they never made any attempt to do anything else. The sharks for that matter would not have surrounded him to keep him safe. They would see him as food and not friends. So I have come to a real conclusion that Dophins and Whales never harm anyone, unless you try to harm them. A shark will if you get excited. But even if you are still into the water or have blood oozing from your body, he may ram into you to get you excited and have you for a meal. Be safe my friends..

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