Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"The Marllborough Man"

I am planning to publish my 2nd book "The Marlborough Man" between the month of November and December:

James McFarlane wants to Marry Arianna McPherson  but his dream is dashed because his best friend  Webster Bennett who destroyed his first marriage, comes back into his life to destroy his new  relationship for a second time.  Despite all that,  Dr. James McFarlane must clear his name when   charged with  multiple counts  of  murder  and Impersonation of Character.  But can Arianna save him from going to the Gas Chamber or will she end up marrying his best friend.

James hung  his head down, the stream of tears fell like raindrops, as it dripped  onto the oak table. “Langston, I have done nothing wrong.  Besides... what have I got to live for.  My fiancĂ©'  is going to be married to my best friend.  As a matter of fact…” he paused to catch his breath, she is not my fiancĂ©...he wiped the tears from his eyes.  She is my wife. We were married a few months ago.  We decided to keep it a secret. But now my life is an open book.  I am blamed for going down the wrong path.  I feel like a desperado. I really don’t want to live anymore…might as well I be dead. If I  knew how to take my own life…I would. It is only that... it is only that…I am a coward.” His  broad hands massaged his head, he continued to stare at the table.


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  1. Very Scintilating Romance Novel...enough to make your toes curl..Takes you places that you have never been before..