Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RATAMAE -- By Doresha Transfer

Please help me to celebrate my dabu' book: "RATAMAE"  -- by Doresha Transfer.Vance Armstrong, a 35 year old Scientist and Engineer, has his sights set on winning back the woman he loved for more than a decade. He was separated from her because she thought he had died in a tragic experiment that went wrong. But he intends on winning back Darla Mason’s heart even if he has to reincarnate himself as a TV cable man, just to get close to her; even though he knew that his rival Steven Canarie was not very far from claiming her heart

PREVIEW: While the basement was quiet, the raucous scent crawled like a giant rattlesnake, filling the air with its musty smell. In the shadows, was the movement of a huge humungous element. It lay sprawled onto the floor. It was night and it was dark. The Big Ben on the wall struck 1.a.m. Suddenly, an enormous commotion belies the spinning humdrum of an engine. The lights began to flicker and a screeching sound of a bird-call was followed by a great thud. Within 5 minutes everything was quiet. Without warning, the basement became luminous. Every dark corner was candescent of light. The naked body of a man curled up into a fetal position was evidenced on the floor. He moved unexpectedly, stretching like an elastic band fitting a portion of the brown linoleum. He looked around frantically. He roved his eyes intensely to see if anyone had seen or heard of the disturbance that might have transpired within the confines of the basement.

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