Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Scandal 's Pro-Avtive Response 4/4 2013

For the "Scandal" episode 4/4/2013 Huck was kidnapped and left in a storage room.  I think he will be rescued by Quin. They inturn will go looking for Olivia. They will realize that Olivia is kidnapped by the mole.(which she was really kidnapped by her abductor)  Huck and Quin will go to Olivia's  house to find clues as to where to find her. We already know that Huck is very good at that. Remember when he combed Becky's house...wow.  They will try to contact "BubbleHead" too, trace the bug in her apartment..videos etc. I think President Grant will save Olivia from the Mole. By now Olivia does know who the mole is and who her abductor is. Fits and Olivia will get back together..This is my take based from some of the scenes that were shown.  See what I like with Scandal, it allows you to come up with a whole sleuth of scenarios. Some may be right. Some may be wrong. But you know what, it allows you to think. When I am writing my own novels, Scandal allows me to create a galaxy of movements, wonders and creative imagination. I like that. What's your take.

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