Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What about the time line

What about the time line...yeah...the timeline and the name of rulers about the Roman empire was already making my head I left out a lot of rulers..but if you are interested in reading about my just reminds me of modern day society and how we behave as a people.. we just fighting for power...and it does not matter who we hurt. I learnt positive things from the history of Rome...once upon a time there was a positive set of people who built a vast empire...that was also taught me.."Never give up on your dreams". All these multiple rulers overtime..did not give up on their dreams...whether it was for good or bad..they believed that they could conquer Rome...and they did. Even the barbarians believed that they could take control..the point is...they believed in themselves. Maybe I am sending a double message. The point is, believe in yourself that you can do great things...but unlike the it in a positive way and not be barbaric. Don't step on people's foot in the process...make a clean, positive mark.

What's my point..with the Rome history

What's my point with the Rome history...we fight too much..I know...there was barbarism from day one..but remember some guy Constantine made a difference when he introduced christianity...he I think was a more peaceful guy...or maybe not. Well "too many cook spoil the borth".  And when we fight among ourselves, we become vulnerable to invasion...why? because we spend so much time arguing about the wrong things and not focus on building back our economy. Education and saving the environment  are very powerful will aid us in the long run.

Rome.. Part 3

O.K. so by the time  Theodosius defeated Constantine...he prohibited pagan worship. Then the last emperor was some guy called Romulus Agustus, a barbarian, was defeated from the throne...they did not kill him because they thought he was not that important. After that...Rome was never its normal became a republic in place of monarchy. Another change came..The Latin language was replaced for Greek language. What's my point?

Rome Cont...2

As for women...we did not even have a pot to piss in, we were not allowed to vote.  But to get right back to the argument. Overtime Rome became a vast empire. Rome was so big, it  became something like a pop culture....If you do like the Romans were considered a part of Rome in any part of tart  of the world. But then the church became very rich and powerful...there were many people who wanted to be rulers...and so Rome since  753 BC went through many that time...yes war would get you to be the ruler if you defeat the current ruler. You had Octavian who called himself "first citizen" instead of emperor or king. He made some changes. Then Constantine, the 1st christian ruled and made Constantinople the capital of Rome...every ruler was making their mark. Then Diocletan,  he split the empire that was Rome. things spiralled since then....and the barbarians and the pirates  invaded was became a real much that tax collectors had to be guarded by military escort...cont..

Rome was not built in a day

Rome...according to history, was not built in a day. It all started with a couple of settlers on a hilly bank, the Tiber River in Italy.  They reachedd out to other nation and religion and grew from there. It was like a melting pot kind of thing...other outside settlers had the opportunity to vote and become citizens, there was an oppoirtunity for growth. And I guess for a while it was a wonderful thing because everybody wanted to be apart of the city of Rome..yes things were hot and popping in the city that was Rome. Unlike the Greeks, you could not reach anywhere in their community. It was very difficult to advance yourself with them. You could not even vote and become a citizen. Cont..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Lincoln" up for Academy Award

"The faith of punitive dignity is in our hands!!!" -- Abe Lincoln. Go Mr. the right thing...   My Prediction for this movie is at hand.. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lincoln Quote:

"I am President.....cloved in immense power!!!!" -- Lincoln... Mr. President...protect your reign, make your mark

Homer, Singer Philosopher, Story Teller

Homer...singer, philosopher, story teller: I just love Homer. In this life-time civilization....he reminds me of Bob Marley...When Bob started to sing in Trench Town, Jamaica, West Indies, I was a little girl. I saw him on the streets hanging out when I was about 12 yrs old.  He was just up and coming then. But before he became a hit...people laughed at him and told him:"Why don't you try fishing instead." school, they used to tell me that also. But to get right back to Homer the Singer his civilization...he sang his heart out creating the "Illiad" and the "Odessey"...yeah folks..its a story about Troy...but nobody believed him...He died and he and his poetry was soon forgotten...that was until some German Guy called Schielman, an archielogist went digging and found the forgotten city "Troy". There were about 7 civilization of Trojan Dinasty piled up one on top of the other. Spielman only got to the third civilization...the one he thought that Homer lived in. The sad thing about Homer...was that there is no history on this is very sad. It makes you think that you should believe in yourself....even if no one believes in you....way to go inspire me....alot.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Government should use their Psychology

We were all born with an inert ability to use our psychology -- I am very surprised at Mayor Bloomberg in asking President Obama to wait for the city to clean up "Sandy" before he appears to the weather beaten site..why? because he said that the soldiers are needed elsewhere...well that is the most assanigne idea I have ever heard. People in dire straights right now...would rather see the President in their ridden beaten area right now than wait a few more months when they have finally reached the end of their rope....things will not even be cleared up altogether.  BUT having a word from the President gives them hope to hold on. It gives them hope to know  that they are not forgotten and they  "Sandy Victims" are hopeful that he will get the proper authority and monetary basis to get them back on track. It makes people think that he definately KNOWS  THAT THEY ARE ALIVE AND SUFFERING AND HE IS SUFFERING WITH THEM...JUST BY REACHING OUT TO THEM. The pain in the President's face was most sincere...the people will take that picturesque  historical  moment and hold on to see "The light at the end of the tunnel"....they will definately know that that "Light at the end of the tunnel" not a passing train.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Happy Veteran's day to our American Troops. There are a lot of relief that we can volunteer in our neighborhood...get involved and make a proud to be an American. Wiggitone and the Blessed Band will be making stops at various relief centers to bring some musical cheers into the hearts of our unfornatunate victims of  "Huricane Sandy". Follow us on U Stream and You Tube as we visit  relief sites or visit: to know more about us.

Friday, November 9, 2012


WOW..ABC just name Daniel Day Lewis and Stephen Spielberg, "Person of the Week"...the movie comes out today...But I am very good at predicting "Academy Awards" like that...As I said before Daniel Day Lewis will get Best Actor...Stephen Spielberg, Best Director and Sally Field will get Best Supporting Actor..Joseph Gordon-Levett is also a runner-up. Tommy Lee Jones is very good also...but this is the movie that will get run away with multiple awards....Why? when these people act, they move you, bringing tears to your eyes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Give, Give, Give 800-redcross

I have made my 2nd donation to the Red Coss..yes folks..I just delayed my 2nd bill to make my donation. I am so blessed that I am a part of the solution instead of  part of the unfornunate problem. Just be glad that you have somewhere to live and food to eat...right this your appreciation...just call 800- redcross or 866CBS-0033.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brad Pit -- Chanel #5

Before the Brad Pitt's  Ad of Chanel # 5 aired, the media asked the public whether they think that the Ad was "Silly" or just "Poetry"... Well I did not hang around to hear the verdict. But now that I have seen the Ad....I think it's just "Sheer Poetry" response was like..."Wow".... I think it invites you to read the book "Chanel # 5" by Pro. Tilar Mazzeo. I happen to have taken a writing course with her on line and she mentioned a little about Gabrielle Coco and the men in her life...She of course was  the original owner of the fragrance...Keep you posted.

Brad Pitt -- Chanel #5

Before Brad Pitt's Ad for Chanel #5  the Media asked the public's idea whether they think his Ad was "Silly" or just sheer "Poetry"....well I did not watch to see the polls. But in my was simply "Sheer Poetry". Makes me want to read the book "Chanel # 5...the Gabrielle Coco Story written by Pro. Tilar Mazzeo.  That ad seem to spark something about her relationship with the men in her life...The Ad really intrigues me...I will buy the book....keep you posted.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wow...every time I see the blazer ad for "Lincoln" I get anxious and excited...I can't wait to see the movie...
I know that it will get a few Academy Awards..I predict Daniel Day Lewis as Best Actor...Sally Field will get Best Supporting Actor...runner up is Joseph Gordon out for this guy...his performance as Lincoln's son was spectacular.  Steven Spielberg will definitely get Best Director.  Two African American -- Male and Female...I don't know their names...but watch out for their performance...they had a stellar moment in the Ad... and it is not just the Ad...I could tell that their performance was spectacular even though I did not see their every performance. But I am very good at predicting from the Ad the beautiful performance that they have projected on

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Publishing Proposal

I am preparing a "Publishing Proposal" to send to  a Publishing company...I already prepared my

a) Querry letter  b) Synopsis  and c) my Partial -- I just need to edit and polish...thank you Lord...wish me luck -- Keep you posted. I just love my novels..they are scintilating and captivating... as the saying goes: "Build it and they will come".....I love when a plan comes together:-)

Donate Funds to the Red Cross

I have just made my financial contribution to the  Red Cross. Please find it in your heart to give generously. Be thankful that you are not one of the countless victims waiting on the emergency "Bread Line" pick up the phone and call...yes it is that easy 1800-red-cross... please do it now...they are waiting on your call --  President Obama is proud of your  chipping-in to help your fellow are the countless other victims who are waiting for you to make that life saving call...  thank you -- CALL NOW 1800- RED-CROSS!!!